Order Automation = Faster Shipments & Happier Customers

Online Retailers of all sizes have big needs when it comes to their order and logistics tracking. That is why we designed our Order Automation service as a way to give even the smallest online seller an empowering service against the competitive eCommerce industry.

What We Provide
  • Quick Launch- Managed on-boarding and training to ensure your success.
  • Pull Orders In- Automatically pull yours orders from multiple store platforms and marketplaces into your centralized order hub.
  • Manage Orders- Monitor your order and supply-chain data, and easily adjust for any processing issues from a centralized control panel.
  • Post Orders Out- Automatically submit single orders, or submit in bulk, directly to your account at your distributors in the exact format they need.
  • Update Customers With Tracking- Capture your shipping and tracking data from your suppliers and send them back into your sales channel for your customers to see the order progress and shipping tracking codes.
  • Grow Sales & Achieve Success- Track your order data to learn about the most profitable sales channels and product types so you can grow your business and your profits

Save time and avoid the headaches with an simple automated solution for order review in from multiple sales channels and order posting out to multiple wholesale dropship distributors all from a centralized dashboard and service.

Get priority order fulfillment by being able to process more orders in less time and avoid out of stock hassles. When you simplify your order management you simplify your success with Inventory Source's Order Automation service.

Happy Customer