Who We Are

InventorySource Headquarter

The Channel Manager Order Automation Utility was developed by the team at InventorySource.com. Inventory Source is the world's largest and longest running "Drop ship Data Solution Provider" connecting resellers directly to their real dropship supplier programs and helping you, the reseller, manage your product catalog updates. Inventory Source is headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, and it has a global reach serving as the most important link in the supply chain for a growing number of successful eCommerce businesses owners.

Inventory Source was founded in 2002 by experienced eCommerce experts who knew that small and medium sized business owners could achieve success, if they had access to the same technological resources of the largest retail stores. Our Core Solution Team has a diverse mix of talents and experiences gained while working at some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies, IT consulting firms, and eCommerce Start-ups, allowing us to design large-scale advanced solutions tailored to the needs of even the smallest online resellers.

Inventory Source provides the resources and tools for business owners to find the right suppliers, get the inventory data in the right format for their website platform or marketplace sales channels, control their details in the exact listing format and price strategy they desire, and avoid issues related to daily price fluctuations and quantity or status changes.

Channel Manager is Inventory Source's newest solution for empowering online sellers, regardless of their size or technical capabilities to have the advanced tools needed to sell more and work less.